The Fiery Gaze. A modest proposal for a better seeing

Posted on October 26, 2014 Under cinema

« The Fiery Gaze. A modest proposal for a better seeing», dans Gregg Bachman et Thomas Slater (dir.) American Silent Film. Discovering Marginalized Voices. Southern Illinois University Press. 2002, p. 70-93.


This essay reflects a never-ending dialogue on the glance at the camera. It offers some possible answers to some ongoing questions, resumes the numerous criteria used to analyze what is the object of a glance and what could be its function, and finally proposes a typology of the different glances. It is also an invitation to reconsider the history of those “primitive” glances by pointing out their recurrence in the 1910s filmed opera, in 1930s comedy, in today’s television shows, etc.