Web Series Archives: The Case of The Guild’

« Web Series Archives: The Case of The Guild’ », International Film Studies Spring School Cinema and Contemporary Visual Arts, Gorizia, Italie, 2014.


This essay will study the experience of web series. Through an analysis of viewers’ exposure to the popular web series The Guild (Felicia Day, USA, 2007-), including episodes on the website, news and insights on Tumblr, and discussions about the series on Facebook, I will explore the network of archives that lies beyond a web series. As this is what distinguishes the web series from a series available on optical disc storage, I want to establish a portrayal of the material the viewer finds within each of the archives beyond the series website. Along these lines, I wish to investigate the viewers’ movement into, and contributions to, these archives, starting with simple views, which increases visitor numbers (and thus influences the rating and ranking of each episode), to the comments and shared links. The goal is to map a viewer’s experience of a web series as a pathway into multilayered archives.

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